savedroid was there, is there, and will be there. Aaand savedroid is all in for establishing high quality ICO standards.

ICOs have the power to change the way how companies are financed in the future. They will democratize investments by lowering the barriers of entry for small investors. But, intransparent or even scam ICOs are putting this huge opportunity at risk.

Based on our own experience and the comprehensive community feedback we received during our own ICO, we derived the following ICO manifesto. The manifesto shall serve as a code of conduct for every new ICO to create a more stable and trust-worthy ICO landscape and to strengthen the usage of crypto currencies in general.

The manifesto is a living document, we seek your input to help it grow. Please discuss, challenge, and share it.

1. Transparency first

We put transparency first, we describe in depth the business and token model in a comprehensive prospectus or whitepaper. We inform visibly about the risks.

2. Serve the Community

We respond to community questions, concerns and take-up community feedback. We are part of the entire crypto community and build a trustworthy, reliable crypto ecosystem. We keep the community updated about the status, milestones, (insider) trading and failures without sugarcoating.

3. Good Governance

We practice good governance by giving the token buyers control or influence and make the team accountable and liable for spending the ICO proceeds. We prevent the misuse of ICOs for money laundering and terrorist financing.

4. Team Matters

We first build an experienced team that can deliver the roadmap before launching an ICO. We do not pay hyped crypto gurus to provide their profile as “advisors” but only publish advisors that really contribute.

5. Real Token Value

We create a token based on a crypto use case with real economic value - not just a speculative bubble. We do not hype or play with the greed of people (no “pump ‘n dump”, “FOMO”).

6. No Participation Barriers

We give access to everybody (if legally allowed), we reduce the participation barriers to the minimum (technical knowledge, volume). We accept fiat and multiple crypto currencies (agnostic).

7. Equality

We treat every token buyer equally. We do not unfairly privilege big ticket buyers by offering unfair discounts without compensating lock-ups. We prefer buyers that participate in the crypto community and not speculators.

8. Enforceable Rights

We ensure that the token buyer’s rights are enforceable. We do not set up offshore entities to avoid regulations but chose jurisdictions with advanced consumer rights protections. We provide an understandable token sale agreement and comply with the regulatory regime.

9. Security

We protect the token buyer’s assets by offering a safe and simple purchasing process. We lock the ICO proceeds in custody (e.g. escrow) until milestones are met.

savedroid will establish high quality ICO standards

ICO Checklist

Enabling investors to easily conduct their due diligence and take an informed investment decision.

ICO Execution

Enabling trustworthy companies to leverage our know-how and conduct successful ICOs

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